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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

There's snow business like..........

snow business!
How fantastic, or is it? 
Did you get to stay at home and play or were you like me and had to get up at sparrow fart and trudge miles through the silent white blizzard to find an open tube so that you could get to work for 7 0'clock? One of the pitfalls of living so close to work I guess, no blaming the trains and taking a duvet day to build a snowman for me! 
This was definitely the wrong weekend to be at the town not country nest!!
I was one of the few people who made it in ( no thanks from the boss) and spent the day taking phonecalls from everyone telling me why they couldn't get in, or what fun snowball fights they had waiting for non-existent trains!
Not fair!
By the time I did get home, there was just time to build a quick snowman with Big monkey and take a few snaps before he went into work, I settled in to scrap them and was hit by the worst migraine I have suffered in years! 
I reckon it was actually snow blindness!
I was in bed by 7.30pm and slept til this mornings sparrow woke me and did it all again!  This time slipping and sliding my way on the ice - not fun. The migraine was still lingering and I ended up coming home after 2 hours at work, and spent today asleep, snuggling monkey after his night shift.
I have attempted to scrap this evening but frankly can't muster any mojo or energy. Have spent an hour or so surfing t'internet to look at everyone else's fab pics of the snow and feeling like I am always in the wrong place at the wrong time! 

Stamperama was fantastic - really glad I went. I picked up some good bargains which I can't wait to play with, and put an order in for my valentines pressie as I don't want any fattening choccies this year!
Now I just need to have some time to me, so I can do some scrapping!

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whatkatiedid said...

hhmmmm, we had a dusting of snow up here, 'snot fair! We managed to have a little play in it before it all disappeared though!

I tagged you today on my blog btw!