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Monday, 9 February 2009

Smiles all round!

Work is rubbish I have decided! 
Not for me the the excitement of an all expenses paid trip to Australia to work for a week like some of my colleagues had earlier this year, oh no - where do I get?
For two days!
Probably in horrid weather looking at this weeks forecast too!

Oh well, at least at the end of this week I have two weeks off to play, maybe/probably do some scrapping, visit Grannywen and the hound, have some Lurve on Valentines day and then my birthday!!! Not too bad a list of things to look forward to even by my standards!?

I will leave you with this delight - it makes me smile every time I look at it, but then so do my monkeys!! 
Take care xx


Louby said...

Great layout, love the circle and the colour scheme. Thanks for the comments on my blog. the stamp is a penny black one - here is an addy for somewhere that is selling it.
Louby x

Louby said...

Have just realised it's not a border stamp at all is it?? Ooops, will have to pay more attention. Off to change info on my blog.
Louby x

Nemo said...

Fab layout with IMPACT!!! Love the monkey on a branch (now where have I seen that before???? ..... )

Petra said...

Hi Sarah,
thank you for giving me a reaction on my blog! I was very suprised finding one. I am really a beginner, just started in december. I'll check out your card too. bye, Petra

Jennie said...

Your layouts are all so colorful and fun! Love the little monkey on here - just too cute!

whatkatiedid said...

Aahhh your layouts are amazing, almost enough to inspire me to try "real" scrapping, if only I wasn't so chicken...lol I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Middlesborough or no Middlesborough! LOL