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Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Sorry to say that we slummed it a little today - Mcd's with maple syrup are so very rubbish but so very very yummy without time/spondoolies for a trip to the States and IHOP!!!!

Well, we are here in Kent for two days for part of my birthday trip - tomorrow we are going to a private BIG cat park where I will spend the day photographing the BIG cats! I am really excited but a little nervous as I am still mastering my camera and the instructional DVD seemed to make perfect sense when I watched it - I have just forgotten it all now. This is a great opportunity and I don't want to mess up the pics!!

The photography workshop I am doing is very jolly and lighthearted - starts properly this week, but I did manage my SP finally - thought you might like a peek. It made us laugh!

See you soon xx

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Nemo said...

What is the reward for capturing you?