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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Love is.........?

Doing things you love?

 We had a quiet day yesterday, Big monkey watched the rugby and I got to scrap. We gave each other hand made cards which gave us both headaches making them this year, but it was still lovely.
We cooked a lovely meal from M&S, BM gave me some beautiful roses ( I had already been given some Nestabilities after our Stamperama trip) and he was given an Orang u tan to sponsor via the WWF. 

Being together?
The Middlesbrough trip was ok, I survived, it was tough, not very nice and we nearly got snowed in! I am very very glad to be home!
We have snuggled and cuddled and we know that we don't have to give each other a horny devil key ring to know that we love each other - very much!

My Narnia Blanket?
I have mentioned this in a previous post, and Katie asked what it was? My friend Mark bought me this for my birthday about 3 years ago. It is a lovely snuggley warm faux fur throw and it just makes me think of snowy adventures, snuggled up in a sleigh being pulled by huskies or reindeer maybe? I love it, it comforts me when I am sad and keeps me warm on cold winter nights - its a big warm hug when big monkey isn't there!

Well, it seems ages since my last post. I got back late on Thursday night, while he was at work. I am now off for 2 weeks - yippee! But didn't get to scrap til yesterday co's on Friday I went with my best pal from work (Marge) to see the lovely new Lily Charlotte. While I don't normally gush over babies I have to say she is a real cutie, and mum and dad look sooo happy!

We are off to the country nest today, so no more scrapping for a week, which is why I was allowed to yesterday, But I did make 3 layouts so I will drip feed them to you so the blog doesn't get neglected.

I have just signed up to the Painting with Light workshop with CJ, and am both thoroughly daunted already and very excited. This may be another reason bloglife falls by the wayside over the next few weeks. So far I have managed to log on as a child and I needed my mummies permission to join the forum - god knows how I will cope with the actual photography side of things when I can't even cope with the forum?? I will try to keep you updated!
Be good xxx

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whatkatiedid said...

Ah-ha!!! Now I understand the Narnia blanket! And now I'm rather envious and would like my own one... it looks just perfect for Sunday afternoon sofa snuggles with a good book or film. Hhhmmm, wonder where I can get such a blanket from.... *wonders off for a bit of online shopping*