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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A load of waffle!

I know that "that" day was over a month ago but have only just got round to this LO courtesy of the really cute photo frame App on my iphone!

Mind you - the weather we are having at the moment is as chilly and horrid as it was in February isn't it? No fun on my little bike I can tell you, but I am still sticking with it and cycling to and fro every day!!

Nothing much to report at the mo.
The boys and I are off to visit Grannywen for Easter, so probably a late night drive down tomorrow. I am still acutely aware that I haven't shared all the pics from our last trip despite talking about it in almost all the last few posts!! Will get round to it I promise - they may have to be a substitute for any lack of scrapping to show you. I am up to date with all my Gogo journals now but haven't had a chance to photograph anything due to lack of daylight.
Right, am going to stop waffling now, you must all be bored to tears!!
Happy Easter!


lisa said...

Great LO Sarah. Perfect subject matter too. They are probably far more romantic than men!!
Thank you so much for your lovely comments, you are such a lovely blogging buddy to have.
Have a great Easter. Hope you get some tasty eggs.

Emma said...

thats a great frame on that photo too! cool idea - Have a Happy Easter!

Julie said...

Love the layout - enjoy your Easter weekend.
Take Care Hun xx

Louby said...

Hi Sarah, just popped by to see what you're up to.I've hardly done anything of late despite spending a small fortune at the NEC hobbycrafts show. Love the ratty valentine layout.so cute. We've (the kids) just got a hamster "mr fluffs"...can't keep hold of the little blighter...lol.I'm sure we'll all get used to each other soon. Love the Friend layout and so glad you have someone to talk and cry with like that.
Take care
Love Louby x

Anna said...

Happy Easter! Hope you have a great time with Grannywen :)