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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Action packed!!

I can't believe it's Sunday tea time already???

Where did the week go??

After a fairly uneventful week at court (for me anyway) Friday night saw a visit to the Comedy Store and some much needed laughter medicine!
It was fantastic! Just what I needed and was very very funny!
Hadn't been there in eons and I'm so glad I was invited - we all had a really good time and the cocktails flowed which were very yummy too!!

Yesterday saw a trip to Batemans, home of Rudyard Kipling. It took a little longer than planned to get there, so that by the time I did the sun had gone away and the weather turned quite dull - but it was a fab day nonetheless!

We had a tour round the house and then mooched in the garden exploring. I still had my arty farty photo mode in operation and took some interesting shots - some of which came out better than others!

I loved the study, twin aspect windows for lots of light, walls full of books and I was very pleased to see a rubbish bin under the desk that looked remarkably like my scrapping bin - ie overflowing!!

The garden was full of interesting creatures of all shapes and sizes.

And the lush meadows and flowing streams were very restful and calming after a week in the city.
Food for the soul!!

We were amazed at the perfectly straight hedges - spot on!

After a lush cream tea, we explored the local area for a few hours and then headed off to the pub for a delicious meal.

We chatted and laughed and I shared tales from my Venice trip along with the photos.
Then it was time to come home to London for a quick play with the ratties before bed!

This morning I was up early - for me anyway on a Sunday, and I was put through my paces on the common by my fitness instructor! I can tell you now that I am already feeling it, so dread how stiff I will be tomorrow?

Tonight I am off to Windsor for dinner with chums - the nice meal we didn't have time for on Friday night??
I am really looking forward to it as we are going to Thai Square and I already know what I'm going to eat!

And the best part...........?

I am off tomorrow as well!!
No Sunday evening blues for me,

I get to recover and play in the Zone.

I have done all my chores today so I am going to make a start on my travel journal I think. I have purchased this set of two 8 x 8 albums with their own case, so I intend to re - cover them and embellish them as I think that two albums should be sufficient for all the postcards tickets and pics that I have from Venice.

I wish I had time to start it now, my mojo is begining to flow.................will show you my progress along the way.

catch you soon


lisa said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend, Sarah. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos. The Library looks very atmospheric. When I first logged on I thought, the girl's gone mad and is showing us photos of her waste bin!!!!! I love the Wisteria, my favourite flower of the moment. Ours aren't out yet, must be the warmwr climes down south!!
Enjoy your meal, sounds yummy and can't wait to see your travel journal.

sarah copeland said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! I'm jealous that you have no Sunday night blues!

Lean said...

Lovely pictures and great vieuws also.Some new handmade albums love the colours of it.

Emma said...

Wow, you've packed a lot into your weekend! I have those albums, they are v pretty!

Lynda said...

What a great post - lovely photos. Glad you've had a great weekend and that it's overflowing into Monday.

Love Lynda xxx