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Monday, 3 May 2010

The wanderer returns!

I make no apologies for this photo heavy post!!!

I have had such an awesome adventure, in a Bridget Jones style solo mini break sort of way.

I have ALWAYS wanted to go here, and as previously posted, it was a very spur of the moment decision to go on Weds tea time. And I got up very very early on Thursday to go.



It was everything that I had dreamed it would be and I absolutely loved it!
If it hadn't been for Harry n Wills waiting patiently at home I think I would have stayed forever.
I certainly wouldn't have come home to this rainy Blighty bank holiday weekend!!

The weather was gloriously sunny and ridiculously hot ( and not quite what I had packed for) and it was just paradise.


Who wouldn't love a city surrounded by water and boats (especially for a water sign like me).

Where everyone has a dog, and they ride on boats, in arms and were dressed in all manner of fancy collars and coats!! There were dogs on every corner - so cute!

Where every turn delivered a delightful photo opportunity of colour and shape and inspiration!

I even managed to stumble into a rubber stamp shop where the shop keeper and I had a very amusing conversation in pigeon Italian/English.

I stayed away from anything really touristy and just wandered the streets and canals, camera in hand, stopping often for a cafe latte or a bierre and watching the world go by.

I ate gelatto by the lagoon and only just remembered to eat some Tiramisu on the last day!

I didn't pay the 80 euros to ride in a gondola through the canals, but did pay 1 euro to ride in one across the Grande Canal briefly - just to say I'd done it!!

I took the vaporetto (water taxis) a few times and worked out the route to travel to the nearby island of Burano with its beautiful colourfully painted houses.

I bought some beautiful Murano glass, some marbled paper and some gorgeous arty postcards to go in my travel journal. In fact most of my purchases were sort of on the flat side to be added to my soon to be started mini book!

But mainly I just walked, enjoying the atmosphere, rejeuvenating my soul and mojo and grinning from ear to ear the entire three days!

I will be going back there, sometime very soon!

It is my new and ultimate favourite place in the whole world!

And no Brenda, no Italian for me - I was too busy enjoying myself!
(although my heart did skip a beat quite a few times at some of the gorgeous men)

Maybe next time though...................:)

Ciao xxx

Meanwhile back in the UK, I am thrilled to say that I won a challenge on A True Friend Blog, it's not the kind if thing I enter very often but who could resist a blog devoted entirely to scrapping your pets - certainly not a Doolittle like me!! So well done to Harry too for managing to pose for me so that I could scrap the Bribery layout!

And..........a HUGE thank you to SJ for helping me, not only by designing my fabby 'little musing', but also creating the new blog header as I am such a techno nerd!
She's amazing!!


Rachel said...

seriously cant explain how jealous i am, it was on my list for this year, but with saving for the house its gone out the window. it looks amazing! and that sunshine, im gonna go now before i cry lol

Meg xx said...

Simply AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Lean said...

You where having lovely wheater to i see.I have been there some 20 years ago snif snif ....long long a GO!!!!
have fun,Lean.

Lynda said...

Oh I love Venice - had the chance to go there for the day when in Italy on a skiing holiday (can't ski by the way before you ask lol). It's the one place I hope to visit again as I want to see more - your photo's have brought back some good memories of that very special day. You lucky girl - glad you enjoyed it!

Love Lynda xxx

Anna said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos! I love Venice (although it's really difficult trying to get over all those bridges whilst pushing a wheelchair!) Glad you such had a wonderful break and congratulations on the ATF prize ... oh, and I like your new blog header :)

debby4000 said...

Oh what great pictures, can't wait to see what you do with them.

Claire said...

Great photos, glad you had a lovely holiday. I'd love to go to Venice one day too :)

brenda said...

Ciao Sarah

Belissiomo, Bella, una città meravigliosa.

Sorry I've been all week getting her, but well worth the wait, Fantastic pictures and to find a rubber stamp shop - how on earth did I miss that ? Great excuse to go back though.

So any nice little Italians tucked in your case coming home ?

Oh how clever is that, because I started my comment in Italian, it's given me word verification in the same laguage. Cool.

B x

Fairyqueen said...

Hello Stranger

Great photos

Hope you're well

Louise xx