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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Busy bee!

Hello peeps!

Sorry have been a rubbish blogger again, but I have the same old excuse that sadly work has been really busy again and I have worked some silly hours - so no scrapping!!

My new printer arrived yesterday, so once this horrid working weekend is out of the way, I intend to rectify that sharpish!

How typical that it's the loveliest, hottest weekend we have had so far - and where am I?
In the office!

We did have a quiet day today though so we managed to pop out for a nice cafe lunch outside which was delicious, and luckily I got to go home not long after that!!

Nothing much to report, as I say a dull week, but I have bought a few nice things and some new trainers which I will endeavour to photograph and share with you. Retail therapy rocks!

This layout is one that hung around unfinished for a while - it was a victim of my failing printer and although you can't really see it in this pic there is some serious fading of the colours on the photo of Grannywen. I decided on some serious handcutting and floral remedies (ones that Grannywen and I had attempted to make from SJ's tutorial) and tried to hide the rubbish part. Not sure I like it and will probably re-scrap the photo at some stage.

Off now to do some serious blog catching up whilst I check out what you have all been up to.
Have a lovely SUNday!!!


Lean said...

lovely lay-out and i hope you have lots of fun with your new printer.
bye bye,Lean.

Julie said...

Your not the only one that hasnt managed to get much crafting done and I dont even have work as my reason, I keep looking at my scrapping stash and think - I'll do that later and never get round to it. [Probably something to do with being huge and round and waiting for my little monkey to arrive] plus I feel the need to do a bit of crafty shopping [I think I might treat myself as a well done gift when this little one is here.]
Enjoy the rest of your weekend - Ju xx

brenda said...

Another baddie here I'm afraid Sarah and it will get worse as we are off to France Tuesday for a week for the wedding, so no blogging then.

Your l/o is a real burst of colour with all those folowers, beautiful.

B x

lisa said...

Poor you being stuck at work when Summer has arrived. Knowing our luck this will be it and Winter will now return!!
I like all the cutting out on your LO, it's something a bit different and what a lovely photo.
Don't work too hard.

Hannah said...

You love work!

Sarah xx said...

Not so much when it's gloriously hot and sunny at the weekend!! :)