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Friday, 28 May 2010

A day in the life of a loon!

I can't believe its the weekend again already!!


Where did last week go?

I promised you all so much and I have done absolutely no scrapping and to be honest I haven't even had time to get my new printer out of the box!!

I did find these lovelies in Paperchase though!

I have a long weekend which started yesterday evening with a float to de stress. By the end of this week I was physically and mentally exhausted and barely able to say my name??
My float session completely revived me so much so infact that I actually got up before lunch today and wandered up into Clapham, mooched round the Farmers Market and Sainsburys and then came home to attack my housework with gusto!!

Well......, nearly?
I managed about 3 loads of washing which are now billowing on the washing line -(what is it about hanging out washing that is just so theraputic??)
Did the dishes from the last four days (yuk! yes I know - one of the joys of living alone and working silly hours), hoovered and changed all the bedding (which is also now out on the line)

I dusted off the garden furniture and BBQ, rescued the snails that had moved in underneath it and sat down for a delicious al fresco lunch. By rescue I mean sweep them off with a brush and then feel sorry for them as they bake whilst crawling across the lawn, so have to go and move them individually (about 6 of them) into some damp sheltered flowerbed!!

Of course sitting in the sun is not condusive to any more housework and there endeth my effort for today!

Half of me wants to stay sat here - (hey the wonders of WIFI internet), but the squinting at the laptop screen is getting painful and I half hope that the weather cools off so that I am forced to go back indoors and will inevitably end up in the Zone - yaayy!!

I need to venture up to Homebase or somewhere at some point, Harry's epic adventures have forced me to think about buying some little fence type somethings to keep him from where he shouldn't be and my furniture and sanity in tact!!
He has discovered the glass beads in my plant pot and thinks they are treasure for stealing, eaten through the fairy lights on my bookcase and tried his paws at gardening by attempting to prune my plants and then running round the floor with leaves trailing from his mouth!!!

I have threatened him with a ferret harness tied to string but he just winked at me and shrugged and then ran off towards the bathroom?!!

All this has left me quite thirsty!!
Am off for a mojito.
See you soon xxx


Emma said...

Then I think a nice long glass of white is called for!

Loving your Paperchase goodies

lisa said...

What a life!!!! It's been lovely here today but much cooler than you have it in London. I have been in the garden too though. You are far too good to the snails, mine get chucked over the fence, don't tell my neighbours!!
I think I need you to come up here and do my housework. A quick run round with the hoover and duster is all that's got done. Thinking about it now, I should have got my washing out, rain is forecast tomorrow. Oh well!!! There's always the day after. Life is too short to worry---much!!
Have a great weekend.

Lynda said...

Harry is such a naughty boy!! I've got a friend's doggy with me for today and tomorrow - it's so nice to have fur in the house again!

Love Lynda xxx