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Monday, 17 May 2010


Uneventful day today, didnt get any scrapping done even though my fab new Scrapagogo kit arrived and I was actually here to receive it for once!!

My printer has been misbehaving for some time and I also needed to visit the pet shop so I decided to battle the Purley Way and kill two birds with one stone this afternoon. After much faffing at the printer shop and treat buying at the pet shop, I returned home for some strawberries n cream .

As per usual, at the sniff of food, Harry's womble like sniffy nose appeared out of his tent and he had to help me eat them??

A few phonecalls later and I have a new printer being delivered later this week!! Hoorah!

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brenda said...

I would never have thought ratties liked strawberries and cream, your picture proves me totally wrong.

I think your two are half humanised ?

B x

Lean said...

hihihi he loves desert i see...

Emma said...

That is such a cute photo, great scrapping op there!

Julie said...

What a cutie and yay a new printer, I need one badly but keep finding myself buying stash instead [sshhh - dont tell my hubbie] xx

Laura said...

Cute pic!!

Also... I tagged you in a little game of blog Q&A if you wanna take part!


L x

kelly said...

OMG he is so cute!!! Glad you sorted the printer :)

Anna said...

A rat with cream on the end of his nose! :D Such cuteness ...
Glad you got yourself sorted with a new printer :)

lisa said...

Harry has excellent taste, who couldn't resisit strawberries.
Glad you got your printer sorted out.