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Saturday, 29 May 2010

BH madness on Wisteria Lane

In true British style the weather today has gone to pot!
No baking hot sun like last weekend - when I was working I might add!!

So what do most British people do on a bank holiday weekend?

Go to a garden centre if course!

Well, Homebase to be precise as they were having a sale.
I don't live on wisteria lane but with this nice white picket fence I could do, except that it is only about 10 inches high, and I am hoping that it will work as a harry enclosure??

I also bought some kindling wood and coals as I am finally going to fire up my chiminea and need to season it first, my only problem is that I need some sand to go in the bottom and didnt want to buy a huge bag of it - will have to head off to a pet shop too I think?

I have managed to set up my new printer and it seems to be working ok, so I will be off into the Zone shortly to conjur up some creativity, will share tomorrow.
Enjoy your Saturday evening

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