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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Chillin' in The Zone!

And I do mean chilling!
What's happened to the weather??

Bearing in mind I was in Venice in about 80 degrees this time last week, I can't believe how cold the weather here has turned? Bring back that warm yellow thing that floats in the sky please?

Venice by the way seems to be very popular this month!! Jamie Oliver was there in the week and even the Doctor travelled there this evening too??

I have been in the Zone today, and have made a mini book about H and W and also a Venice LO using the April Scrapagogo kit. Can't share yet co's it is too dark and dismal now to take a pic so am cheating by using an old fave LO of mine. You can't really see it in the photo but there is loads of decoupage and layering and multitudes of mini embellies in this one. I wanted to create the feel of looking into an aquarium and it does work in real life IYKWIM???

Anyway, am really pleased with the prints that came back from Photobox the other day, now just need to find the right medium/mini book design to start on my little Venice travel journal. I have loads of ideas just need to work out how to produce them in scrapping style!! I may just have to make a few 12 x 12's in the meantime?

Having not finished work til 1.00am this morning my mojo is struggling today! I have ideas just can't seem to get them out on paper at the mo - it's very frustrating!! I have at least 5 half finished LO's and that's unheard of for me, but I seem to be struggling with each one?

The boys are fighting on the sofa behind me so gotta go.....................just want to say a quick "hi!" to some new followers who have joined us recently. Thanks very much, you don't know how much it thrills me to see people interested in my work and waffle, but please don't be shy, say hullo and leave a comment?



brenda said...

Morning Sarah

Indeed, what has happened to the weather, central heating in May is jut not on.

This if a fantastic l/o, it looks as though you could step right into the scene.

B x

Lynda said...

It's magical! unlike the weather!!!

Love Lynda xxx

lisa said...

Hi Sarah. How could you go to Venice without me!!!!! This was supposed to me my 40th birthday treat, but unfortunately, isn't going to happen this year!!! Your photos are totally awesome. I feel like I've been there tonight and am even more determined to get there by hook or by crook!! Good on you for being spontaneous.
Your LO is stunning as always and yes, I agree about the weather although we have had the sunshine along with the chilly wind!!
Have a good week.


Anna said...

I know! What's going on? I've just had to drag my winter jumpers out all over again ...
Gorgeous LOs Sarah (as always) - and thanks very much for your saying such lovely things about my garden pictures. Much appreciated :)