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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Busy Bee!

That's what I have been the last two days during this typical BH weather weekend.

I'm only glad it's been yukky so that I could stay indoors and finally do some scrapping without yearning to loaf on the patio instead!

And scrap I have...........four layouts and two sets of pages for circle journals - I am feeling very pleased with myself, but will save the pages and drip feed them to you for my next scrapping drought!!

Nothing much else to report, been a quiet weekend apart from today when some neighbours from hell have interupted my tranquil spot of London by playing VERY loud music at a squillion decibels. Several of my close neighbours joined me in reporting them to the noise police and they stopped for a while this afternoon but they have been going again with a vengeance for about an hour now, along with a shouty swearing mc and I have had enough!
Excuse me while I go and use the phone again..........grrrrr!!


lisa said...

It has to rain on a BH, Sarah, it wouldn't be Britain without it would it. Still you sound like you've made the most of it. Your Bee LO is gorgeous. Is that Wisteria?
Why do neighbours have to be such a pain!! We've had parties going all weekend 'till the small hours too and it hasn't even been the weather to be outside but that doesn't seem to stop them!!! Bah Humbug!!
Hugs Lisax

lisa said...

Hi Sarah, just me again.
I don't want you to think I don't scrap, I do quite a bit but the photos are usually family and I don't want to put those on the tinternet!!!!
Enjoy your Monday.

Lean said...

grrr....neighbours i know about that.The life here just a vieuw mounts and i will......shoot them to mars[that´s nice said of me].
Love your lay-out great pictures and the little bees you used at the bottum.

Kim Dellow said...

That is beautiful Sarah, love the little bees, and the gorgeous photos. Great LO. Kim

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Just a quick visit to catch up on what you have been up to, still need to get back into the groove properly so will be back.

B x