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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Decidedly Autumnal methinks!!

That's what I thought during my two wheeled commute last night and again this morning. The air had that very autumnal chill to it, which made me think of bonfire night and sparklers!!!  AND it had nothing to do with my still soggy trainers from the same trip 12 hours before!!

 That and the leaves that fill Hyde Park as I whizz through - what's going on???
 It's still August isn't it?

Anyhow, it seems that if that is the case it will have put pay to any further camping trips for either me or Harry this year, not that I managed to go on one yet - life kinda got in the way!! And with the imminent arrival of tiny feet life is going to be far too hectic in the next few weeks.

On that note, the patter of 8 tiny feet was due to be this weekend, but it may be postponed thanks to the miracles of modern science and laser eye treatments (not on me I hasten to add!!!) Hopefully I can sort something out with Foster mummy as this is my only weekend off, and will be back on nights again the following one. Harry is bearing up  -  I think he is actually beginning to enjoy our one-on-one's now.
He is going to get such a shock when they do eventually arrive!!!


Lean said...

This is a great page you made with Harry so sweet.Love the way you worked with the papers..
And yes its still sumer.....i think???

Polly said...

I know, autumn in August us ridiculous but I can't wait because autumn is just so yummy.

Can't wait to see your little ones - tiny little whiskers


jannekevanveen said...

beautiful!!greetings janneke

Emma said...

No!!! you must not talk of Autumn, we haven't had summer yet!! Actually I have already given up and bought some new jeans and sobbed a tearful goodbye to my white trousers for another year.

Cool LO, love the woodgrain bit and looking forward to meeting your new furry friends!

Lynda said...

I think the weather's leaning towards winter today lol - fingers crossed we'll get a warm September! Cute layout - love how he's nosing his way out of his 'tent'

Love Lynda xxx