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Friday, 6 August 2010

Oh no - not him again!!!

Sorry - more ratty LO's to share and as the weather is so rubbish a reminder of the sunny days we had a few weeks ago!
I really love this page (if I do say so myself), it's so bright and colorful, more Gogo kit magic, but I just love the expression on Harry's face - he really is smiling, and although this was just at a very sad time I think he appreciated the effort put into making his garden adventure playpen!!

In other news, I have now sold my little sporty car for spare parts and got some quite good dosh for it - so I can pay off a chunk of my new car too! It's still quite sad for me, but I know she is off to be reborn and transformed into new gloriousness for someone else, so it's not a complete waste!
It means I have a very quick trip down to Grannywen's tomorrow to wave her goodbye. I am not staying this time as I don't want to cause Harry too much disruption!

I have found some new chums for Harry but they are too little to come and play yet - we have to wait til the end of August, but I am very excited. I saw a picture of them today and they are sooo cute! Not sure how much of a hassle having three young boys in the house is going to be, but I am sure there will be many more amusing ratty adventures to share with you along the way.

Am off to spend the rest of my afternoon in the Zone!!!


Emilie said...

This is such a fun LO! This photo really made me smile! Great LO!

Lynda said...

Very bright and cheery - can't wait to see piccies of your new boys too!

Love Lynda xxx

Lean said...

Lovely colours and a sweet pic.I can't wait to see Harry's new friends .
byebye have a great weekend [sorry about your reddy],Lean.

{ Emma } said...

Gorgeous LO, I bet you can't wait to get the new boys!