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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Weekend fun!

I hope that yours are full of fun despite the weather!
For once I am glad of the rain co's I am stuck at work again so I don't feel I'm missing out on the sunshine, although I don't particularly like the soaking I'm getting whilst on my bicycle to and fro!!!

Just to show that I don't just scrap the rattys here is a fun LO about my new car - had to be done really otherwise it wouldn't be fair would it? Gotta scrap all those things in life don't we? And I've gotta say it is finally beginning to grow on me. Been driving it about a bit and I quite like being up high and looking down on other cars for a change!

Not much else to share, just wanted to pop in and say hi!
Harry is ok -ish,  being spoilt rotten! Two weeks to go hopefully til I am outnumbered 3 to 1 and boys to girls!!!
Catch up with you all soon.


Emma said...

Cool lo Sarah, love the circle

Lynda said...

So you're admitting you're all grown up now lol - A great layout Sarah lovely and colourful.

Love Lynda xxx

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Sorry so long getting here, still on my mad catch up from my holidays, seems to be taking me forever. Mind you not helped by new puppy muts, not the brightest idea right on the back of our hols.

But who's the star of the show - Bernie, he's a darling with them as that picture showed.

Super l/o as always.

B x