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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hang on Harry!

Well I managed to survive my 18 day run at work - just! There are some very strange happenings there at the moment, not good things either, and I am tempted to hide under my duvet but instead I think I will have to go in guns blazing if I have any chance of survival!!!?

Tuesday sees another 13 day run, with yet again more night shifts thrown in next weekend, so not much time left for scrapping or any other excitement at the moment!

You would have thought that I would have made the most of this weekend, being my only one off for a while, but I wasn't sure if Harry's new chums were arriving or not...........and they are not!!!

 I am a bit cheesed off because I probably wont get them until the end of my next run now as there are not many opportunities to take a trip to Banbury and back in one evening!! Not the breeders fault, but I am not very impressed as it is Harry who is losing out! Hence this LO, not a very flattering pic of me in my jim-jams, but it was taken the weekend that Willy left us and H was actually being quite cuddly for a change!

So what have I done this weekend? 
Had a good old spring clean and completely re-organised my bedroom for starters. You should have seen the tumbleweeds under the bed??? (Should have saved them to scrap or at least taken a photo??) Got my hair cut.  Mooched at the farmers market and become addicted to Humous!! Tidied away all the camping stuff that was languishing in the hall  - unused! And generally nested getting ready for the Winter! 
I can hear the music festival up on the common, but haven't ventured up to nosy, I do think that tomorrow however, I might venture a little further afield on a day trip out...........?


Lean said...

lovely page and good luck on the job 13 days...pfff you need goodluck lots of.

Lynda said...

That's a lovely photo Sarah - Hope Harry enjoys his new chums when they arrive!

Love Lynda xxx