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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Life thru a lens - NOT!

Morning all!
Its Saturday morning already, that means 4 down and 3 to go!! Woo hoo!
I've been out and about every night and to places I've never even heard of - thank goodness for sat navs, but I have enjoyed the night shift so far and it has been nice to miss out on the daily bedlam!  I am especially enjoying the cycle ride in and out - not so many commuters - bliss!!

I am really missing scrapping time though and the ability to get out and about with my camera - I really need to get my butt in order next weekend and DO something! 

I know I have oodles of photos just waiting to be scrapped, and don't even mention the Venice mini/maxi book.!!! I have even got two new Gogo kits that I haven't been anywhere near with scissors or ideas yet?  But, I am feeling the need for some fresh adventures to boost my creativity, lets face it I haven't done anything FUN for weeks and you must be so fed up of my inane ramblings on here???
Any suggestions?

Right off to bed - night night! 


Rachel said...

lovely page hun, i have been really missing scrapping my little lola, maybe i will dig out a old photo xx

Julie said...

I love this LO so very cute, I bet your on countdown now for new little ones.
Take Care Hun - Ju xxx

jannekevanveen said...

love your lo's i can't whit if you have posted your next lo greetings janneke

lisa said...

Hi Sarah. What lovely comments you've left me. What a star when I was feeling a bit glum at being home from hols. I'm glad to be back too now.
Love all the layouts you've been creating. Your new car looks fab and what a cutie your nephew is.
Hope the nights have gone well. I'm not sure where you are with them now but hope you'll get some time off over the BH. The forecast sounds better!!!!!
If you get the chance go and visit N. Castle. It's very interesting and incredibly decorated if unfunished. Just a shame King Ludwig never got to live there, neither did anyone else which seems a bit sad to me. Unfortunately though you can't take photos inside which is a great shame and none of them outside capture it like all the ones you see on everything. I think someone must have been hangliding to get that shot!!
Take care my friend.
Hugs Lisax