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Tuesday, 31 August 2010


They're funny things, those rose tinted specs we sometimes wear. They make you look back at childhood memories with such a dreamy glow that when you revisit those memories as an adult they are often somewhat disappointing!
Take yesterday for example.
Determined to DO something I set my alarm for an hour that I wouldn't normally see unless I was getting up for work! I lay in bed wrestling with myself (mentally not literally!!) trying to talk myself out of my snuggly bed and into an adventure and failing miserably! I convinced myself that I really didn't want to sit for hours in Bank holiday traffic when I could utilise my precious free time by sleeping a bit longer then getting up for a late breakfast followed by some scrapping?
I had thought that I would visit Arundel, a previously unvisited opportunity for photos galore, especially as it was their festival day? but evil thoughts about traffic and parking problems and being disappointed with what I found when I got there began to win the battle and the duvet slowly pulled me back under!

Enough! I leapt out of bed and into the shower as a plan emerged in my head - go somewhere by train - its free for me - no traffic problems! Where to go? Easy! An old favourite popped into my head - Cowes on the IOW! Perfect!

I remember Cowes from my days as a tiddler, we spent a lot of time there as ma and pa were BIG into sailing then. I remember boats and sailing clubs and great holidays in our bungalow, HUGE swimming pools and golf socks as stockings at Christmas! Too much to pour out to you today, but just know that it was all yummy and good!

I was full of excitement as I sat on the train, looking forward to the Red Funnell high speed crossing and a day of boats and sea and photography, a nice meal maybe and some knicky knacky noo shopping in the twee shops?
Oh dear!
To say I was disappointed was an understatement!
 Cowes was small and the sun went in and the food was delayed and rubbish when it was finally served! The beer and the ice cream were delicious but sadly not enough to boost my melancholy air. What happened to the playground of adventure that I thought I had vividly remembered? I really had to force myself to take some pics just to prove I was there, but they are not particularly interesting and neither was Cowes!
I did find some trinkets in a shop, and did get some lovely fresh air, but by the time I eventually got home I wished I had gone out in the car so that I could have had some control over where I went and when. Perhaps then I could have enjoyed the gorgeous sunset more from a viewpoint, rather than being packed like cattle with returning festival goers on the train!?


lisa said...

Memories are sometimes best left where they are, A lesson I have learned over the years. Those rose tinted specs can play nasty tricks. Sometimes it's better to go somewhere completely new and create new memories. I've only been to the IOW once on a day trip while we were on holiday on the South Coast years ago and loved it but it was a beautiful hot sunny day.
You LO of Harry and you is gorgeous. I love those papers.
Hope work goes ok this week, will be thinking about you.
Hugs Lisax

brenda said...

I've got so much cathching up to do Sarah, but just wanted you to know I have not destered you all.

B x

Rachel said...

ive often done this and been disappointed, but stunning photos xx