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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A little less conversation, a little more action!!!?

So - Sunday was spent with the owners of these fab feet on a photography lesson with the gorgeous Kirsty Wiseman. We had a great day which with any group of creative types/women involved much laughter and rude comments!!! Have made some seriously great new friends - ( hi Fiona, Keilly and Rubina xx)

There was much input on rules of 3rds, radials, asymmetry and depth of field which was all explained very clearly and of course we had lots of practice as we mooched about London's Embankment Gardens. 

Many of the shots were quite different to the normal pictures you would see here on my blog but it was a great day nonetheless. We spent a lot of time taking pics of each other, something I don't do very often - PEOPLE in my pics - yep!! And I learnt a lot about how best to do it - now I just need some more willing models to practice on!!

Monday was HUGE shock to the system getting up at 0515 to start back at work and by the end of yesterday I needed to get a bit squiffy on the sofa at home with Mojitos to recover!

The weather has been so nice, but too nice for going to work. 
No eye candy yesterday either to cheer me up???

I have also had an anonymous comment made about my "D**E". 
I am sure it is meant in the nicest possible way and the "lol" wasn't meant to be as in - you, on a date, you've got to be kidding??? But I thought I would explain about it a little more as I kinda brushed over it in the last post!

Its been a long old while since a seriously hot, well mannered, (did I say he was hot?)  man has asked to spend some time with me and I got a little over excited maybe. In my simple world that counts as a date! But to be honest, as I said we did have a lovely evening, cinema drinks and dinner, but I came away a little confused that perhaps it was actually more platonic than I had considered??

Having now been asked "What film are you taking me to next then?", I can only consider that it did actually go quite well and I am not so strange that someone would want to spend quality fun time with me after all. I am still no closer to knowing if this is purely a meeting of like minded chums or the slow beginnings of something a little more meaningful and of course am far to shy to ask!!!

To be honest its quite infuriating but all good things to those who wait I guess, and boy have I waited!!!
So, my dear anonymous commenter - any thoughts???

My LO btw is from our camping trip in Devon a few weeks ago.
 Did I mention that it was awesome??
Would have been even more awesome if the seriously hot man had been there too!?
 - he'd have fit right in !!


lisa said...

Hi Sarah
I came on to leave you a comment the other day and my computer died so I had to go away again but back now to say Hi and it sounds like you've been having a lovely time. All the photos of the Zoo and your days out are gorgeous as always and I love all the LO.
The D word sounds all very exciting. Just see where it goes and enjoy the journey!!
Hugs Lisax

Emma said...

Sounds like a date date to me!! Good luck with it all.

Lean said...

Cool page many sweet things to see ..and a beautiful picture.

Fiona said...

Great shots Sarah, I wish I hadn't worn such boring shoes tho! Can't wait to see all the snaps. Good luck with the next 'you know what'

Anonymous said...

A date is a day in the calendar, coming together is more. As the acorn is planted watch the oak grow but only if the foundations are right.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

ooooh anonymous - deep post....veeeeeeeeeeeery deep

great pics - love the curvy steppy one x