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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

December 2008

Ok, so I'm back with you - in December, countdown to Christmas and scrapping the relevant stuff.
December wouldn't be the same without a trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Big Monkey and I went on Monday, and as usual it was freezing so of course we had to stop for a yummy steak bap/German sausage hot dog and some luvverly Gluwien - mmm should have had 2 or 3!!
Anyway, just for a change this year we actually managed to go on the wheel rather than just photograph it. We had the obligatory cheesy photo taken before we got on and climbed aboard. As we went quite late there weren't many people, (so no queue) and we had to wait a while at the top whilst others filled the pods. Wow! Great view if a little murky co's it had started to rain. But I merrily snapped away as we rolled round. I ran out of batteries half way round but it didn't matter. We got off, pleased we had bothered and happy to have had a pod to ourselves without paying VIP prices! I actually quite liked the cheesy photo, we both looked quite normal for a change, no squinting or funny faces, so I swallowed the ridiculous cost and bought the damn thing. I knew I would scrap it and the four postcards and bookmark that came with it - all with our cheesy grins included. The large one of the wheel is my effort though, better than last years I think.
A thoroughly enjoyable start to December!!!

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