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Monday, 8 December 2008


I forgot to mention in my haste to blog last night - 2 other fabulousnesses from Friday,

1. I managed to do something that I rarely do -I won something!!! Not any old thing, but some of Katie Hadfield's fabulous digital downloads no less. Watch this blog for some use very soon, am almost too excited to use them!!

2. Small monkey had some homework the other week - to make/decorate a star. Yours truely was drafted in and managed to cut out this unexciting star from silver card. Small monkey was then armed with glitter glue and coloured christmassy confetti and encouraged to stick stick stick!! 10 sticky minutes later he finished both sides and the object was left to dry.  (which took about 4 days as the globs of glue were soooo thick!)

How chuffed were we when it was announced at school that his star was the best in class??? Very, doesn't cut it! He won a medal and a goody bag with some stickers in it. As soon as we reclaim the star it will be coming to a layout near you!! 


Nemo said...

Congratulations to your little monkey for winning that medal, and for decorating that super star! He has such a great grin to show for it!

whatkatiedid said...

Aaaww congratulations to Small Monkey for his sticking handiwork!And congrats for winning my little blog giveaway, I really hope you liked the goodies!