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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Ready, Steady................Scrap!

Oh at last, the chance to finally scrap and use up some of my lovely new Christmas stash, that and the long awaited stash parcel from the US which I ordered in November and went awol until yesterday when big monkey (my hero) finally managed to track it down to a little unused post office in the small end of nowhere where it had slept for 3 weeks!! (But that is  a whole other story!!) 
Oooh I thought, here I go................but no, I spent most of the day defrosting the freezer which decided to get all frosty the snowman on me, and as my head was filled with ideas and cutting dies I forgot to turn the thing off to start with so of course it took 3 times as long! Doh!
It was 5 o'clock when I finally did get in the zone and it was bliss! Just like sinking into a warm bath or under a snuggly duvet! Heaven! I had loads of ideas all jotted down in my little notebook - I didn't know where to start! I finally got stuck in on another of our Hever Castle photos that has sat patiently waiting (for the lost US parcel of goodies) and for the Winter transparency that I had ordered. It all coordinated beautifully with  my new BG Granola papers (thanks Grannywen)
That was it - the juices were flowing, as were the embossing powders as the heat gun emerged after months in the cupboard! I managed to complete two pages and start another two! I was having a whale of a time with wassail and granola and bo bunny brads. Poor old big monkey watched his Christmas dvd on the island that was now the sofa as my stash rapidly expanded across the lounge floor.
Today I have finally made it back in the zone, again not until 5pm though, as we had to battle our way round the supermarket. What is going on? The world and his wife were there, and it's not like they are not open tomorrow? Is there a new impending siege that am unaware of due to having my head in the zone? Enough! I am now off to scrap. Ready, steady...........................

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