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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

It's been an odd day today. Work was not fun at all - not that it often is, but it got very serious and emotional for me and I couldn't wait to get home for a quick squeeze before big monkey went off to work for one of his rare night shifts! 
What to do to get over it?  
Why, scrap of course!
Finished yesterdays half made layout and completed two more - I will show you them over the next few nights! The second in our Husky adventure depicts a rare sight - big monkey showing almost as much interest in an animal as I do! It was fantastic when the beast howled with his pack and put out his paw to him - and I do mean the husky, although it could have just as easily been my big monkey? 
( I did manage to photograph the muddy pawprint on big monkey's jeans amidst my squeals of laughter!!)  It seems I'm not the only one who can talk to the animals???
Miffed that I never managed to photograph any decent Autumnal pictures this year I have more than made up for it this weekend with some lovely winter scenes. This is one of them and I am quite pleased with both the photo and my layout. I hope you like them too?


Nemo said...

Who said you should never work with animals?!!! Those are magic moments that you have captured. What did the small monkey make of it all?
I love the cold winter day, the frost on the grass, the sunlight through the branches, reflections in the water and a stunning layout too. Absolute natural beauty.

Sarah xx said...

Thanks Nemo, I'm so glad you like the layouts.
Small monkey was thrilled to see the huskies and to get to stroke them too - he loves them as much as I do!