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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Thinking warm thoughts.......

 With this weeks cold weather most of you are thinking ahead to Christmas, and yes, I know we are in the countdown because 'The Zone' has crept off it's table and has crept rapidly across the lounge floor, which is now covered in santas and snowmen and the cards that I have already made. But I had a funny old set of night shifts and caught up with some more pics that were left over from the summer. (I hope you enjoyed my brief flit into the panto spirit?)

It all got a bit busy towards the end of the week and I have currently have two layouts lying half finished on the table and one on the kitchen worktop! Not the best place, but then I'm not that good at venturing into the kitchen to cook anyway? The mojo kind of burnt itself out and I have been blog surfing some really great blogs to try to boost it, unfortunately now I have to go back to work so I don't know when I will next get to create anything? We have a busy weekend ahead, with the school fair, shopping for decorations and trimming the tree - loads of photo opps I'm sure, I just need a few more hours each day to scrap them!


Meno said...

Great double layout. Neat little monkey button under the question mark! Like it!

Anonymous said...

Who lives in a [house] like this???
I wonder who?? Some monkeys perhaps?