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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Frosty n Fantastic!

Small Monkey drew this picture of me on my very frosty little car window this morning! I returned the favour with a much more flattering smiley face of him? I think my 'o' open mouth was at how cold and white my lovely little red car looked ?

I haven't blogged since last week - where does the time go? Work ended on a high with some great news on Friday and then we travelled to the country nest for a weekend of activity. On Saturday we collected small monkey from the inlaws and made haste for the school fair. Several tombolas and a visit to Father Christmas later we emerged hungry but satisfied and headed off to hunt for a Christmas tree and some decorations. Have you noticed that everywhere is advertising great price drops at the moment - well there must have been some real early birds catching those worms!!? As tea time approached we finally made it home with bags of goodies and a tree and set to the trimming. Cue some very blurry photos!

Today we got up and had a lovely day out at Hever Castle. It was beautifully cold and frosty (hence the car window) but perfect for some wintery photos. The castle and grounds were stunning and we met some lovely furry friends, Father Christmas had even followed us there to make sure small monkey was behaving - sadly there were no slots left to visit him, but we ran into him as he headed towards the grotto and managed a quick chat with him! We did manage to sit in the toadstool house and write him a letter.
With all these lovely adventures, I have had no time to scrap anything yet, and have just returned to the city for work tomorrow - boo! Check back tomorrow and I am sure there will be some goodies to share. 

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Nemo said...

A nifty little budding artist maybe?