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Friday, 19 February 2010

Good news Friday!!!

Excuse the quality of these pics, for once I really don't care!!!

They show darling Harry sprinting (almost in a straight line) across the sofa, something that I thought that this time last week was never going to happen again!!

We have been signed off from the vet this evening, just continue with the medicine and yoghurt til weds, but he looks so much better! Not so much wonky Harry but maybe a little list!? Hardly noticable really!

The best birthday present a girl could ask for don't you think?

And the other good thing - the whole horrid experience has made Harry so much more snuggly and cuddly with his mummy and much less standoffish! He and Wills didn't want me to go to bed last night we were having such a lovely time together playing and cuddling!! I have spent today very tired because of them!!

Oh Happy day! :)


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brenda said...

So pleased Harry is so much better.

And sounds like it's Happy Birthday to you.

B x

Lynda said...

That is the best news Sarah I am so relieved for you. Happy Birthday too - is it today? I'm presuming so lol.

Love Lynda xxx

beksynormz said...

Happy Birthday Sarah. I have heard of so many birthdays this week, is there something in the air 9 months before February??! xx

Lean said...

happy birthday and have lots of fun with Harry.

Biskit said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meg said...

FANTASTIC news!! Hooray for Harry - a wonderful birthday present for you xxxx

lisa said...

Brilliant news, Sarah. You deserve some good luck for a change and what's this about a Birthday. Have a great one.
Love the robin LO by the way, just gorgeous.


Emma said...

Excellant news about little Harry! And a belated Happy Birthday to you as well!

Polly said...

Yeay for a healthy Harry and happy birthday xxx