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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Bad to worse?

Is that really possible?

Not sure my year can get any worse than it has been already?

Came home from work early today, Harry heard me and poked his nose out from the snuggle tunnel and fell over. Then he limped, sidewaysy and sort flumped downstairs and curled up in the dog bed.
Something not right here?
He looked like he'd had a stroke or something, all leaning to one side!
One tearful rush off to the vets later and we are now back at home pumped full of antibiotics with a very poorly Harry in sick bay!

Not sure what it is, ear infection? weird ratty brain thing? some long word beginning with m that I don't even remember what the vet said?
We have to go back tomorrow for more drugs and although the vet said leave him alone I have him snuggled next to me on constant watch!
The next 24 hours are crucial!
No work for me tomorrow!
Pray for him please, I couldn't bear to lose him.


Emma said...

Oh no! sorry to hear this, poor Harry hope he gets better soon.

beksynormz said...

Ahh poor little ratty fella, hope he pulls through. Take care hun xx

Rachel said...

aww hope he is ok x

Polly said...

Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry. Poor little Harry. I'm sending him lots of ratty love and good wishes and hoping he feels much more himself in the morning xxx

whatkatiedid said...

Oh no, I hope little Harry feels better soon.

Laura said...

Any news on poor little ratty? xx

Lynda said...

Oh Sarah - hope Harry's getting better!

Love Lynda xxx