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Monday, 22 February 2010

Toastergate and Glee!

Ha Ha love this title for my recent toast saga.

(Thanks Lynda)

It continues, I returned the micro toaster to Argos today, and had a huge row with the lady on customer services. She told me that she couldn't take it back co's it was used!!
I explained that it hadn't been plugged in or turned on, just tried for size, and she told me that it must now have crumbs in it therefore it must be used!!
Is she for real?
I had to resort to superiority and showed her my magic go anywhere badge just to prove I wasn't a mickey taker! Funny how she started to smile at me and gave me a refund no problem then!

I then went to Sainsburys where they had a proper full size toaster, £5 off the normal price, but out of stock. Russell Hobbs - of course! Roll on Wednesday. I will have toast!!!

Debbie is having a lovely give-away due to the fact that she now has over 400 followers! Wow! Can't imagine how good that feels but also what pressure to produce stuff all the time?? I struggle trying to find the time to do stuff for me let alone manage to share it all too?? Hence no LO picture in this post!

Can I just say how great tonight's Glee was!! The Shuster was strutting his stuff all the way through and made it thoroughly enjoyable. I want to join ??


beksynormz said...

Think I recognise that CJ!! xx

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

I love catching up on all your news and pleased you showed Argos what was what, or rather who was who.

So toasts away come Wednesday.

B x

Meg said...

When you eventually get your toast I think you will have to eat it from a solid gold platter!!!
Crumbs indeed!

Polly said...

Yeay - Argos are always screwing me over so next time I'm going to call you to threaten them for me!

Sorry about the toast disappointment. If it's any consolation, I struggle with the same thing and my toaster was a (ridiculous) £300 wedding present xxx

lisa said...

You showed 'em Sarah. I love reading what you've been up too, you always make me smile.
Roll on Wednesday.


Lynda said...

lol Sarah nothing like pulling rank eh. Well done on the refund. Got me craving for toast now.

Love Lynda xxx