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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Drip dry only!

Soggy cycling kit drying on radiator!!

I managed to cycle in to work today, (and home again,) although ended up like a drowned ratty on the homeward trip!!
I didn't mind!
I felt alive and more full of enthusiasm than I have for weeks!!
I was really pleased as being a craft potato I thought the journey would probably take me an hour but I did it in 30 mins! Go me !!
Maybe a bit slower on the way home as it was up hill too, but I managed it and didn't get off to walk! Go me again!!

This is Harry at the end of a teaspoon licking up the last of his medicine, he is back to normal greedy mode and you would never know he had been poorly!? Go Harry!!

Of course Wills had to have some Activia too but not without Harry trying to eat his aswell!

After all that fuss I made I still didn't manage to have toast today cos I didn't make it to the shop to buy the fab new toaster! I got sidetracked to the pub instead, but the craving hasn't gone away! Maybe I will make it tomorrow if I don't drown?

Ooooh look at me - from my iPhone!!!


beksynormz said...

Don't blame you Sarah, pub definitely more appealing than toast!!! xx

Meg said...

Super photos of the ratties, they look so sweet together. Nice to hear that Harry has made such an amazing recovery. Bless him!

Good for you with the cycling, but unless you want to be permanently wet I don't think you will be travelling like that over the next few days - there's lots of rain on the way.
Stay dry! xxx

Lynda said...

Good to see them fighting over the food - that's always a good sign.

Love Lynda xxx

Lean said...

Yes this is no fun on the bike with all the rain.Harry is looking ok lovely picture.

Polly said...

Good work on the cycling, we in the transport planning profession heartily approve of sustainble folk like you!

Fab new that Harry is back to his old self xxx