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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Busy doing nothing......!

That's how I have mainly spent my weekend!

I had some good intentions to do all sorts of things.
I managed to go for my fabulous float session yesterday and walking home felt all rejuvenated and inspired, but somehow I managed to lose several hours on the interweb and then after some more grief from the ex (yes - three months on he is still hassling me?? ) kinda lost the will to do anything!!!

I spent three hours on the phone to Grannywen putting our worlds to right, well mainly the worlds of our SuperPoke Pets actually (- our new addiction), but also explaining my recent trip to Sadsville and associated lack of communication with her!!

Today I spent another hour feeding squiggles on the patio ( see I really do live the hi-life!!) trying to get todays photo for my 365 App, but also managed to squeeze this little LO using my Jan Scrapagogo kit!

I thought too I would share a pic or two of the palace - a very poor pic actually, but it shows the steps that little Wills was scared of the other day and the new green dog bed that arrived this week. There is another floor but the photos of that came out even worse so have deleted them!! If you look closely you will see the blur that is Harry coming over to see what I am doing and if you look really closely in the corn tunnel upstairs there is a white fuzzy ball that is Wills hiding eating a carrot biscuit!!

Hope you have had a good weekend, am back off into the Zone!


Polly said...

Wills and Harry are such lucky littlw ratties - that house is truly fit for a pair of princes and the pears concept is truly inspired. Enjoy the rest of your weekend in the zone xxx

Emma said...

Fab use of the kit Sarah. That looks like a very princely palace for those little rats!

Meg said...

What a cute pear indeed! Super texture effect and co-ordinating colours - you have been busy creating a lovely LO of your sweet pair. I am beginning to wish I was a rat in your care too!!

lisa said...

Hi Sarah.

A gorgeous layout as always. Love the colours.
Your palace is very grand indeed.
Glad your weekend went okish!!!! and hope your week is better than the last one.


debby4000 said...

Oh I love the layout, it's fab.
What a grand palace the ratties have.