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Friday, 5 February 2010

This time I know it's for real!

It really is the weekend!

Thanks for all your crossed fingers last week - they kinda worked and the weekend wasn't too bad but boy did it make up for it this week!!!
I went to work very early every day but only just managed to make it home on the same day every day!!!
Oh well, at least there is no-one moaning at me about it anymore and H and W are thrilled to see me whatever time of day or night!!!

But I am pooped!

I have been off today and slept most of it!!
Then a little potter about, and a spring clean of the ratties habitat. They have (another) new bed which is like a mini dog bed but unlike the one I bought them in Dec they can both fit in it and snuggle together! It seems to be very popular!
Boy - don't I just live the hi-life?

No scrapping yet, but as the lady whose CJ this is has sadly got to drop out of the group I can reveal the mini pages I made for her book. The title was Summer Days, and the ladies before me had documented their favourite destinations, mine is anywhere as long as its sunny and I can take the roof off my little car!!!
Am off to bed soon, tomorrow I think I will go for a float and then get my rejuvenated mojo into the Zone!


Meg Brooks said...

This is "Amazing Lace" and it is a fabulous contrast to your cute little car. Oh for ice cream and sand ...... and sunshine!

Lean said...

lovely pages and a great RED Racing Car you have.
nice weekend,Lean.

brenda said...

Morning Sarah

Hope you have had a good night sleep, sounds like you needed it after a nightmare week.

Do you know that your car l/o would fit my Stampalot challenge really well - there's a Big Shop on offer for the main prize.

B x

brenda said...

Me again Sarah, meant to ask what make your car is ? I have just got my third MX5 (do you get the idea I like them, all I chasnge is the colour) so know just what you mean about taking the top down, nothing quite like it is there.

B x

Louby said...

Glad to hear your weekend work wasn't tooooo bad but bloomin heck how do you work those loooooonnnng hours - you must have some stamina...I only work 3 and a half hours a day and I'm pooped. Love, love, love your cj of your little red car - how cute and girly - i'd love one of those but alas I have child seats and sweety wrappers to contend with.lol
Louby x