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Saturday, 13 February 2010


Harry decided he'd had enough of being in sick bay today!

We went to the vets earlier where he had 2 more injections that cost about seventy million more pounds and then we came home for a sleep!

After a trip to the supermarket (me, not Harry) and a flump round sick bay (Harry, not me) he decided to throw himself over the wall in a bid for freedom! After a roly poly to right himself he set off at speed to hide under the sofa cushion!

He still has a lolopy sideways gait but his limbs work and his appetite hasn't diminished a jot???!! The vet said today that he may not recover and may always be a bit tilted (it's called torticullis) and could be an ear infection or meningitis?? He has ruled out a tumour cos it came on so suddenly!

We now begin the game of trying to give him his medicine via oral syringe. This was really hard when he had his abscess, but he is much less wriggly at the moment so I am hoping for a better result! If not I will have to hide it in his food again.

He seems ok in himself, just a bit bewildered and frustrated that he can't climb things or turn round without rolling over. Wills is missing him loads but when I let them snuggle last night he got a bit too excited and I had to pull him away before he hurt Harry! I hope he recovers fully otherwise I will have to consider how to modernise the palace for a disabled ratty who lives with a mini cyclone for a chum??

Oh the worry that we moms have to endure?

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Lean said...

Harry´s adventures i hope he can have lots of them BIG ESCAPE.
good luck with the medicine that´s also one adventure.
bye bye,Lean.

Polly said...

Yeay, glad he's looking better. As long as he's happy and eating well he'll get used to being a bit wonky.

I know what you mean about vet's bills, I often think it would be quicker and easier to have my wages paid directly to our vet since that's where they all seem to go.

Big kiss for Harry xxx

Lynda said...

So long as there's some kind of recovery am sure Harry will adapt if he's left with any kind of disability especially with the love and care he's receiving from you. This may sound daft but I know how he feels - I have bouts of dizziness and can be quite wobbly at times but it becomes the 'norm' after a while. He couldn't be in better hands.

Love Lynda xxx