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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Simple pleasures!

Co's I am a simple girl at heart!!

Was getting worried that I hadn't got any LO's to share so had to rustle this up quickly this week, in between work, cycling in the rain and the toastergate saga!

As you can also see I now have a fabby toaster - one that bread will fit in too! How good is that? Just need a nice lazy weekend to make hot buttery toast and enjoy it now...................but not this weekend co's I am working - boo!!!

How goes your weekend?

We got off fairly lightly at work today, nothing new in, and I even had time to pop out for a quick walk -in back massage, much needed as my right shoulder has been hurting me, something to do with bad posture and too much stress recently! I can honestly say it was the best £11 I have ever spent! Will be going back soon I think, just wish I'd been brave enough to get a picture for my 365 project!

I have managed to cycle in and out of work every day this week, and with that along with my regular float sessions I am starting to feel much better about life and things. The fact that I look like a 14 year old boy in my kit does nothing to help my self esteem, but more about that in another post!! ( I have an idea for a LO but need my March ScrapaGogo kit to make it with!!!)

Warning **there will be scary no make-up photos for that, so will give you advance warning!! **

I had a minor upset this week. I bought myself a Pogo printer as a 'Happy Birthday to me' ( Yes, and a toaster - how frivolous I hear you say???). I spent hours the other evening trying to print some pictures from my iphone, only to have to google some instructions and then discover that Pogo's dont work with iphones!!
Who'd have thought it?? Certainly not me!
Now I have a dilemma as I don't think the seller will give me a refund as it is technically now used, and 'technophobe- women -nerd' didn't feature in the returns policy? I may have it for sale here very soon? Shame - had some great ideas for LO's with those pics too, but they don't print out too well from my 'puter!!

Right am off now, have waffled long enough and Harry is hiding up my sleeve and becoming very heavy and also quite tickly. I have a fun evening scooping rat raisins ahead of me..................fun huh?.........I must be simple!!!


Lean said...

lovely layout great papers aand a stunning picture.
great weekend,Lean.

Rachel said...

sorry to here your pogo isnt working, rob bought me on and i have never used it, i plug it in straight from the camera though, i might use it now though as my photo printer has ran out of ink and im at the retreat next weekend.
lovely page by the way, i know what you mean about having to make something to blog about, its a hard life this blogging business lol

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Impressed the cycle regime is going well. How's the toast ?

Very pretty l/o, like the soft frosty blues.

B x

sarah copeland said...

That LO is gorgeous. How annoying about the pogo! Sort of thing that would happen to me!

beksynormz said...

My cousin couldn't use hers with her iPhone so she bluetooth's pics from her puter or usb from her camera....don't know if that helps?? xx