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Sunday, 21 February 2010


Hope you've all had a good weekend?
I have been in the ratty rehab zone, trying to get Wills and Harry used to being together again after a week apart. It has interfered with any scrapping plans that I might have had as I supervise them on the sofa!!!

I ventured out yesterday while the sun shone and took my bike to a local bike shop for a once over. My plan is to start cycling to work so wanted to be sure it was ok, it was, I just had to buy a new pump and get the wheel put back on properly. Had a little pootle about on it after then went for a walk to Brixton.

I don't often go there, but there is an Argos and I needed a new home phone after the ratties had nibbled through the wire of my old one. I also treated myself to a toaster - have been hankering after toast for ages and the grill in my oven is peculiar. I bought a real cheapy toaster years ago but you need to have small sized bread to go in it otherwise it doesn't cook it all............anyway, I bought a nice toaster, walked home to make some lovely toast and the bread I bought doesn't fit in it!!!
What's that about?
It's just a normal loaf but half of it sticks out the top of the slots so wouldn't get cooked????? Is there a toaster conspiracy out there or do you have to buy specially sized bread these days? Now I have to go back to Brixton to return the toaster, a trip I wasn't planning for another few months!!!
See, how exciting life gets when you turn 38? Thanks for all the birthday wishes you sent, but as you can see there was no celebration here this year!


brenda said...

I wonder that about toasters as well Sarah, ours is the same and you have to keep turning the bread round to get everywhere coloured.

I'm impressed with the cycling regime, they say cycling is good for you. Used to go everywhere by bike, but that to MS the balance is none too reliable nowaday.

B x

Lean said...

Hi Sarah its going to be more at Exciting wait for the 40.....
Lovely lay-out you made great pictures.
bye bye,Lean.

lisa said...

Hi Sarah.
I had to smile at your toaster tales. I think this is just a "thing" with toasters. We have a very cheap one which we've had for years and years and the bread never fits. I've just got used to eating nearly a whole slice of toast and a bit of bread at the top!!
Your Layout is just gorgeous. I love that paper and your photos, as always are stunning.
I'm very impressed at your cycling. We are talking about getting some second hand bikes to get out more but the trouble is we live in such a hilly place. I think there would be more walking than cycling done.
Thanks so much for your lovely comments. That tag took me all of 15 minutes in between layouts. I promise it was not invloved at all!!
Have a good week if you can and enjoy being 38, I remember my 30's with misty eyes!!!! 40 is a scary place to be!!


Lynda said...

You're still a whipper snapper Sarah - wait 'til you hit 50! I've been told on many occasions to act my age not my shoe size. Ah well. Love the toastergate episode that made me chuckle - who designs these machines.... a man lol. You and ratties take care

Love Lynda xxx