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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

All good things come to an end!

Well, today is the last day of my holiday and I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed myself!!
There has been just the right amount of adventure balanced with equal amounts of loafing at home, bonding with the babies and completing chores and settling down for the coming Winter months!

Last night I discovered my local picture house - what a joy, and I kept my date with Julia and watched her in Eat Pray Love. I know there have been mixed reviews about this film, but I have to say that I loved loved loved it! I laughed and cried all the way through!!
 I found it to be really relevant to me this year, and although my adventures aren't quite on the same scale as Liz's, (I sadly can't afford to pack up and take time out for a whole year!!) they have taught me the same sort of things that she learnt on her journey. There is nothing wrong with being a little self indulgence to learn to balance yourself and become a better person for it!!

I have had my haircut this morning in preparation for going back to work tomorrow and I am feeling calm and ready to face whatever crap they throw at me when I get there!!

Sadly the only area to suffer in all this balancing is my scrapping! I was determined to produce loads of works of art and as previously mentioned only managed two! I did however find a fab little journal book in TKMAX, which might possibly mean that the Venice album might finally take shape?? If not it will become home to several mini adventures in one book.
The LO above is it - not entirely happy with it and it hasn't photographed at all well, but it does include real life shells from the beach that I happily beach -combed in the rain that day!

Ok I promise the next post will be part two of Amsterdam, am off now to pack my schoolbag!


brenda said...

Been waiting to hear someones take on the movie Sarah, I do like her so sounds like a must watch.

Please you are relaxed and ready to get back to it, as they say all good things must come to an end.

B x

Lean said...

this is a great page again love the picture and details but your title that´s so cool.Its looks like we are having always...wind and rain grgrgr!!!
byebye,Lean and take care with the.......job!

lisa said...

You do get about, Sarah. Amsterdam looks fantastic even if it was a little adventurous on the ferry!! At least you found the sunshine.
My Sister and her Hubby went for a few days earlier in the year. She'd won a free flight to anywhere in Europe although I don't think it ended up being a cheap holiday after they'd paid for the hotel and meals but they loved Amsterdam and came back with lovely photos too.
I'm glad you enjoyed Julia's film. I want to see it asap too but the reviews have been rubbish. Still these reviewers are usually men and they don't have a clue when it comes to girly films do they?
I love your LO. Don't be so hard on yourself. The colours are perfect and I love the way you have framed your face.
Hope work goes calmly!!
Hugs Lisax

Lynda said...

I love beach-combing and always come home with little bags of shells. Doesn't matter what the weather is like either so long as you've enjoyed it... and you look like you've enjoyed it!

Love Lynda xxx