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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Ratty road trip

That's what I am on today!!
The adventure mobile is stuffed full of cages that will be filled with wriggly furry squeakers by about 1130am tomorrow morning!!
(2 for me and 2 for Fliss who bred them)

I am staying here, in a comfy but very old fashioned room in a hotel in St Helens! It's not the most exciting place but near the ratties foster home and obviously too far to travel up and back in one day!

Am currently sat in the restaurant with a nice cold peroni waiting a rump of lamb cooked in mint jus. This will be followed by Merlin and Casualty by which time I will be asleep!

In the morning I plan on a leisurely swim and sauna before travelling the last leg of the journey to ratville - I think it's a bit like mouseville but without the circus??

Can't wait to meet them!
Harry won't know what's hit him tomorrow night!!

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Lean said...

this is going to be fun ... i hope for Harry to.