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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Divine intervention!!?

Signposts are very meaningful and can be the beginnings of pathways to wonderful adventures, great friendships and all sorts of philosophical wonderment !!!

I really believe that some things were just meant to happen, and the paths we take are already decided long before we arrive at the crossroads.
Sometimes you make decisions to 'go' or 'do', and have no idea why, but afterwards, when you think about it there seemed to be a reason that you did and it makes you glad!

My recent adventure has been all of the above!
I found peace for my soul for a few hours,  breathed in fresh air, enjoyed open spaces and had time to reflect.
I have met a wonderful person and had the most fascinating conversations and hope to have found a life long friend who has provoked thought and inspiration in me in the most surprising of ways!
I met this little guy too and learned of his adventures........

I have rediscovered some of my lost confidence and have literally gotten back in the saddle..........

It's amazing what a few days away can do for you! It was very last minute but I really feel that I was meant to go and do all that I did and meet the people I did!?
And best of all?????
The welcome home kiss that Harry gave me!

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Lynda said...

Sounds wonderful... and you sound like you're in a very happy place at the moment. I'm so glad.

Love Lynda xxx

Rachel said...

glad you have had a nice few days away xx