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Friday, 24 September 2010

In the meantime.....

You can tell these pictures weren't taken today because of the state of the weather - yuk - its rather wet outside at the moment! Hope you are all snuggled up indoors crafting merrily??

On the last day of sunshine the other afternoon, I decided to visit Hampstead Heath, a place I have been meaning to go to for years, but as it's on my doorstep, somehow I have never quite managed it!!!
(In case you are wondering  - that's not my doorstep sadly!!)

I enjoyed several hours mooching about with my camera and spent the time with a very nice lady, Maggie, and her dog Zoe, who took it upon themselves to show me virtually the entire heath in one afternoon!
From secluded spooky woods with trees shaped like gnarled old men to delightful open spaces depicting beautiful English countryside, ponds where birds and people can swim and even one where the dogs enjoy a paddle and a play!

Maggie was unstoppable and very knowledgeable. She pointed out all the different trees and birds to me. You would never have guessed she was 66 and suffering from MS. She was a delight to walk with and the second inspirational woman I have spent time with in as many weeks!
(And that's not Maggie by the way either).

We meandered for hours watching dogs and people, stopping to chat and admire the view. She didn't  even seem to mind me stopping to fiddle about with my camera every few steps.
This was really food for the soul, and in as much abundance as I had found it the previous week in Wales! And right here, only 45 mins from home!!!
This is my new found favourite (local) place, and you can be guaranteed that I will be returning here when the leaves have turned for some truly stunning picture opportunities! The fresh air and open space was just what I was craving after a few days on the road and in the flat.
Julia Roberts new film is out today, 'Eat Pray Love'. It seems to be on something of a theme that I am experiencing myself at the moment, in my own little way. I will definitely be going to see it after my next little adventure which starts in about 3 hours time.....................but maybe I will call my version 'Breathe Photograph Live'?!


brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Hampsteead Heath ah. If you see a St Bernards and black lab there it will be Bernie and Geroge. Alex often walks them there when he has them with him if he's working in London, so keep you eyes skinned.

Love Julia Robers, so await your verdict on the movie.

B x

lisa said...

Sounds like you had a really lovely time, Sarah. Your photos are certainly gorgeous. I love the one of the old man looking at the view. ~It's full of character.
I've just been catching up on your new arrivals. They look adorable. I'm sure Harry will get used to them in time.
Your horsey LO is great too. You made me smile saying you've only managed two layouts!!! That's a fortnights work in itself for me!!
Enjoy your new mini adventure.
Have fun
Hugs Lisax

Lynda said...

What a great day and you've captured some lovely pictures. Got to say I love the ones with the dogs though!

Love Lynda xxx

Rachel said...

oooh that looks really pretty