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Thursday, 9 September 2010

I neeeeeed to scrap!

I don't know where the time has gone recently, actually, no, that's a lie, I know exactly where it has gone and it has all been at work!!
Even for me I have worked some ridiculous hours just recently and any scrapping opportunities have been NIL!!!
I am really feeling the need to create something and having just spent over an hour catching up on everyone's blogs feel really inspired - just still don't have the time yet! Oh well, just gotta get thru the weekend and then I will have loads of time as I have a couple of weeks off - yay!!

Not long til the Gogogetaway either - now that is a weekend I am really looking forward to, can't wait for all that creative excitement and catching up with chums old and new. We even have a lady coming who I just can't wait to meet as I think she is totally fab - Kirsty W! Woohoo! Christmas come early!

Still no news on the baby rat front and I have to say I am getting quite concerned. Am still waiting for an update from the breeder, and Harry is getting by, but what with the hours I have been working I am very conscious of how much time he is alone poor thing! I was hoping to get them on Monday but will have to wait and see..............!
Right off for a small furry snuggle and to share my choocy bar!


Lean said...

sweet page again love the blue colors

Lynda said...

Awwww poor Harry - I'm sure you'll spoil him rotten and spend loads of time with him on your 2 weeks off. Maybe little ratties will be joining you then??? Love the layout and the photo - I often wonder if they know it's their reflection too! Hope the weekend passes quickly for you then you can relax.

Love Lynda xxx

Julie said...

I know what you mean about having no scrapping time - my two little monkeys keep me so busy that by the time they go to bed I just want to curl up on the sofa with a cuppa - but tonight I have my sister coming round for a crafty evening - Yippee!!
Your poor little Harry - fingers crossed he'll have a little buddy soon.
Love your LO the colours are gorgeous :) :)
Take Care Honey and have a great weekend - Ju xx

lisa said...

Lovely to see you Sarah and what a beautiful LO. I love the blue and a gorgeous photo too.
2 weeks off, hurray. Hope you enjoy relaxing and creating and I hope Harry gets his new playmates soon!!
Have fun
Hugs Lisax