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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Settling down nicely!

By which I am referring to me - in the Zone - a place I haven't been in for quite a while now! The old mojo was a bit rusty and slow to flow but we're getting there and I have produced two LO's so far.
 ( I know I know, that's not very many really!!)
Of course me being me, it has dawned on me that the end of my hols is approaching fast, and I have got itchy feet again. After having spent the last few days cleaning and doing chores and general rat whispering duties I am off for another mini adventure tomorrow - will tell you all about it when I get back, but it should certainly provide some more scrapping pics for now and the Getaway next month!
In the meantime,  here's a completed page from my little adventure at the beginning of my hols. Beautiful, patient Favour who put up with me riding her whilst in the Gower and was very kissy and snuggly so couldn't have minded too much!!

Speaking of kissy, little Fred and Barney are settling in very well - at least with me anyway. They are both adorable and kissy little piglets, very inquisitive and quite different to Harry and Wills when they were small! Harry seems to have got over his initial excitement however and seems rather indifferent to them, so none of the snuggling up in the tent that I had imagined, at least not yet anyway.
I am pleased to say that there is not much fighting going on, and Barney at least seems to give as good as he gets - I think Harry is a bit put out that he might not be top rat for too long and he knows it!! Makes a change as he did used to bully little Willy!
 Poor old Harry, I wonder what he is thinking? I only got the piglets so he wouldn't be lonely. I hope he starts to like them a bit better soon?


Lean said...

lovely lay-out like the colors and details and i did take a look at the 2 new ones on movie.

brenda said...

Mornign Sarah

Glad the oil has lossened up the cogs and the creativity is flowing again.

Did I miss you went riding, or is this the firt share ?

Enjoy whatever your little trip is and will wait to see what you get up to.

B x

Lynda said...

A fab layout - I'm a little timid of horses but Favour looks so placid and calm. Glad you had a great time.

Love Lynda xxx

Anna said...

Great layout Sarah, lots to look at! Hope the next mini adventure goes well too.

Claire said...

Beautiful LO, really like it. And I'm off to the Getaway next month too :)

Laura said...

Gorgeous page and gorgeous pony!

*I miss horse riding - damn living in London*