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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

When 2 became 4!!!

I am pleased to finally introduce you to Fred....

and Barney

Harry's new chums are here and proving to be most entertaining!

Harry was like a child with a pressie when we got home on Monday night, he didn't know whether to play with the toy or the box it came in (which happened to be his holiday house ) - it was very funny to watch and he kept running up to me to see if it was really true and there were other ratties for him to play with!
After a while though he exhausted himself so had to stop for a snooze and gave the babies a chance to investigate him!!!

Look how tiny there are compared to fat old Harry!!

We are all settling in slowly as we've had a few scuffles, but so far so good!

The babies are far too wriggly to photograph and I am not blessed with three hands to both hold them and capture a picture, so please excuse my poor attempts at home movies.....

I am pleased to say that they are both very kissy and seem to love Mummy and Cheerios as much as Harry does!!


brenda said...

Hi Sarah

I'm on big time catch up, off to look round at what I've missed - two new cuties for startes by the look of it. But hopefully back into blogland again unrestrained.

B x

Rachel said...

oh cute little babies, enjoy them x

debby4000 said...

Congratulations on the new ratties, they look like double the trouble to me, hope Harry can keep up with them.

Lynda said...

Awwww Sarah glad Harry's taken to the little ones - more cuties! Love how they're peering over Harry's bed!

Love Lynda xxx