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Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Bank Holiday one!

Hello all, apologies about the last post but it needed to be done! NOT that is has made any difference mind you - the sad individual it was aimed at still seems to be lurking about, checking up on me and noseying about my life! 
It's really quite pathetic and I have no idea quite why the need to do it? Is your own life so sad and dull that two years on you still want to know what I am doing?

Anyway, in the meantime I have been very busy with my life although am now limited to what I will share here - shame really!
There has been a lot of work and I survived my 22 day run - obviously, but it has meant a severe lack of scrapping!! Due to the not-so-great BH weather this weekend I am in the process of rectifying that now but have also discovered a new love of Art journals. I blame Kirsty Wiseman and her fab two classes Feel and MIMM. She has a new one out by the way - looks awesome but I really need to finish the others before I sign up to anything new!!
So the last of the LO's from Devon camping. It feels such a long time ago now! I was meant to be going on leave again now, but life/things got in the way and I have postponed things for a couple of weeks - but fear not readers, its all good - I have a truly AWESOME adventure heading my way very soon!!
Right - off to make stuff!!


Fiona said...

How tiresome these 'stalkers' are.
Great layout, I love the way you've used the sunnies.
Enjoy the BH, I've got to work!

Polly said...

Glad you're back to normal, popped in for the first time in ages, saw that postgot scared (I scare easy) and popped off again. When are you doing Devon again? xxx