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Friday, 5 August 2011

Tie a yellow ribbon round the old...........

Well I'd prefer pink or red and white polka dots actually but thats by the by.
Why would you want to tie a ribbon round an oak tree in the first place??
I guess you need the oak tree first and talking of oak trees whilst I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment Anonymous (well part of it anyway) surely you have to tend and water the acorn to encourage it to grow strong? You can't expect to just chuck it in a pot or the ground in case it goes rotten or Mr Squirrel runs away with it and stashes it in his winter larder for later?? Surely any good gardener knows that??
Very philosophical though - like it!

It's amazing what you can tell about people by what they say. Everyone has their own outlook on life and this view is conveyed in the comments they make. Take my friend Nat for example........now I know what she does for a living so I know she is a smart cookie, but to say she comes across as a bit of an airhead at times is an understatement!! She makes comments which can be exceptionally dimwitted but that's her and we love her for it! She played a joke on us when we went camping last time and pretended that she had caught the wrong train down to Devon. Now of course we all believed her because that's actually the kind of thing she would do, luckily she hadn't on that occasion!!  Her text messages however were quite convincing and very Nat!!

And me? Very honest and open. You can tell by most of the stuff I write here! What you see is what you get and the hopeless romantic in me lets my heart rule my head every time! A bit of a dreamer and always manages to think of the witty retort long after I have replied to something!!?

Nat and I are off camping again this weekend. This time with three other girlies so should be good fun! No men to distract us or do the chores for us this trip!  Sadly Nat won't be doing any more drunken Justin Timberlake style dancing either as she is off the pop for a bit while she trains/detoxes to climb Kilimanjaro - I am sure the rest of us will make up for it though so watch out New Forest, here we come!!


Lean said...

cool photo shoot and a great page...happy camping!

debby4000 said...

Oh brilliant layout, hope you have a fab time camping.

Fiona said...

Have a great weekend Sarah. Have you uploaded your photo's on Flickr yet? Dying to see them all.

Anonymous said...

Of course the oak will need water, tlc and time. But can it grow if the soil is full of stones and weeds from the past? To succeed it needs a strong well drained place in the garden and be nurtured and loved. You may then be rewarded with strong roots and in time a strong oak, but only if you put the time into the acorn.

lisa said...

A great post, Sarah. Your friend sounds brilliant fun.
Enjoy the camping merriment. I hope you're having better weather than us, dull and damp here today.
Hugs Lisax

Buzzard Girl said...

I love this page!! My husband is trying to talk me into getting a trailer caravan but I'm not sure on the whole camping thing. Worried that it will be wet and cold!!
Can't wait to see your Feel art journal. Have fun with the new paints x