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Sunday, 21 August 2011

In the Midnight Hour!

Strange things have been going on in my head this week! It has been spectacularly quiet on nights and my daft old brain has taken itself off in flights of fancy and day(night)dreams!!

In the absence of the possibility of being whisked away by a lover to Zanzibar I have consoled myself with a celebrity crush instead!!

How hot is he?
To accompany my romanticisms I also revived some eighties/nineties music classics and could be heard humming to both Fleetwood Mac and Savage Garden with an earphone wedged in my left ear! The tunes I remembered from my teen years reminded me of youthful wishful dreams of a love yet to come and made me feel all warm and tingly, although I have to say did interfere with me trying to sleep the next morning!!!
*Dylusions by Dyan - Spray Inks - Full Collection 1
I spent many hours spending imaginary money on craft supplies, which did materialise into the real thing on a couple of occasions and now have some new inks and journals winging their way to me! Why is it I always get the urge to be creative at the most innapropriate times, and then when I have free time can't seem to find my mojo ?

I also scoured t'internet looking for a good deal to be had for a holiday next week while the twins stay at Grannywens. I long to go to Corsica but don't have quite enough holiday tokens to manage it - it's always so expensive when travelling by oneself! The flights to New York are ridiculous at the moment although have a place to stay on arrival, and even new fave Nice seems to be just out of my reach!
Oh what to do?

I think also because I have been spoiled for company on my last few trips, both at home and abroad that I am now also a little reluctant to travel by myself? I enjoyed the fun and banter of my companions as well as the opportunity to have real live people in my photographs.
I do have itchy feet though and need to make the most of my week while the boys are being looked after.

Maybe I will take the advice of Anonymous and find myself a train? Surely a train would be fulfilling, fun and adventurous all in one, giving me just what I need??? As for getting off a bus too early. Well I never actually managed to board the one I wanted! Not sure it has left the depot yet and I can't seem to get any response when trying to contact the bus company!!!


Anonymous said...

A train is fast but have you missed a plane from the past?

Fiona said...

Hi Sarah,

Great page.
Hope you manage to find somewhere lovely to go, it's always a problem for us singletons and pricey!
Who is that bloke? Hellooo!

Meg said...

I love this! The torn paper revealing the "vision" has to be one of your flights of fancy! (Not sure I would want to meet this after dark though). Such a simple idea that works brilliantly.