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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The opportunity!

So, not much news from the Zone so far this week. 
I spent the weekend getting very inky and painty and had a thoroughly lovely time immersed in raspberry vodka and mojo magic!!
I watched girly movies whilst I sprayed and splodged and cried at all the slushy parts and ended up wiping ink across my face and looking like a painted warrior - it was a good job no-one came to the door!!!

I popped out to the shops and bought some discounted arty stuff and a new jumper in a sale, and got thoroughly soaked in the rain. 
I played with my neighbours new kitten who has discovered I am good for cuddles and have a good lap for sleeping on, and I soothed my broken heart and tortured soul the best way I know how - alone, with just me!

There were no photo opportunities to be had, but that didn't matter. New opportunities for adventure have  presented themselves, and as they say - as one door closes another one opens. No buses or trains involved but there might just be a plane............?


Fiona said...

Lovely fun layout Sarah and gorgeous colours too. The end of your post is very cryptic, I wonder what's happening now?
Went looking at second hand DSLR's yesterday, came away empty handed but hoping to get one soon.

brenda said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend a weekend to me Sarah.

Like the fresh Summery feel to your l/o.

B x


Great LO :)

Havent spoken to you in ages!!! Hope your well xx