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Thursday, 18 August 2011


So, not much to report so far this week.

1. Apart from my death defying cycle in to work where more people tried to run me off the road in half an hour than they have in all the last two years put together!! Made my life flash in front of my eyes on more than one occasion I can tell you!!!

2. A drive to Luton and back in the wee hours................for nothing!!!!

3. Nothing to report on the hottie front other than to say men really are like buses aren't they?

My only problem seems to be the one I  really want to get on hasn't arrived yet,  another that I used to want to get on is always full and another one is going in the completely wrong direction so deffo wont be getting on it!!
What's a girl to do?
Stay on her bike I say, although see point 1.  - not always safer!!!

It all seems to have gone rather quiet but I guess that is due to me working the twilight hours!! Although I am excited to report that a very old friend from my past is coming up to town next month and wants to get drunk with me!! Always a good sign, although I think in bus terms its possibly a substitute driver situation!!?

My near death experiences made me ponder life in general and my severe lack of love life as I trundled up the M1!  I came to no great conclusions other than that it sucks! Having spent a long time carefully putting my poor fractured heart and soul back together I thinks its about time someone came and swept me off my feet before I really do need  to get a bus pass!!!
And yes, the cute guy in the van this morning, who winked and smiled at me even though I look a complete wally in my cycle kit, will mean I go to bed with a smile on my face!!


Lean said...

this is lovely to sweet colors to..

Fiona said...

Oh Sarah, don't fret, life is out there, with or without men. Must say I do like to read the 'next instalment' and yes I understand your bus analogy completely.
Love your layout and thanks for your last comment.

Sarah xx said...

Not fretting Fiona, just miss that connection with someone !! Life is full of adventures with or without men luckily!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe another bus will come soon? Maybe it will be a new routemaster? Maybe and hopefully not a bendy bus? But maybe you got off a previous bus too early? Maybe try a train next?

brenda said...

Just popping by to say Hi Sarah, not forgotten you, just not able to blog much.

Keep your eyes open for the right bus, it will come along I am sure.

B x