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Monday, 8 August 2011

Trees, ponies and snores!!!

Hello, hope you all had a great weekend and that the weather was kind to you?
We had a great weekend camping in the New Forest, very different to the last adventure but then I was with very different people. We were literally camped under all the trees in the forest, it was a shame there were so many people and the park staff weren't too bothered when our neighbours thought it would be ok to ignore the rules and pitch less than a metre from our tent!
The snoring was like something we had never heard - even worse than mine!!!

The weather was kind to us and we only had a couple of visits from hungry nosey ponies, one who tried to go in the tent  but it was all part of the experience. After a hilarious BBQ on Friday night, on Saturday we walked through the New Forest into Lyndhurst. A pub lunch, a mooch round the shops (found a great craft shop) and a stop at a different pub for refreshments on the walk back pretty much filled up the day, before BBQ number 2 and lots more (alcohol) fun!

I met some great new people, and was a little sad when everyone else had to rush away after we packed up on Sunday :(
So as I was so near I decided to pop by and visit Grannywen for the rest of the day rather than head straight home. I took her for a little trip out to Wimborne and I found some bargains in Fat Face which cheered me up no end :)

It was a great weekend - I always LOVE camping although I didn't take as many pics this trip as I intended. I will share the ones I took in a LO soon. Today has been spent at home, washing and putting my kit away 'til the next trip, and trying not to think too much about acorns, planting and clearing weeds and stones from the past. Nice analogy Anonymous, and again I agree, preparing the ground is essential but for that poor little acorn alone in the dark its still a strange place to be. 
Perhaps we should meet for coffee and you can impart some more of your wisdom???


Anonymous said...

An oak tree can stand for hundreds of years but from acorn to tree takes a long period of time. For every thousands of acorns dropped in the autum very few turn into a tree. Patients, luck, laughter and love will help, but is this acorn going to develop or has the acorn of strength passes you by years before??

lisa said...

Sounds like a great weekend, Sarah. Glad the weather was kind, it was horrible here!!
Hugs Lisax

Fiona said...

Hi Sarah,
Glad you enjoyed your w/e. shame some campers ignore the 'code'.
Great layout too, love the stitching detail and the rolled up tent flap.
Your London photo's are great but I'm booking my facelift now! Hope you haven't been caught up in the riots.

Sarah xx said...
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Nemo said...

I hope that it was slip of the finger that Anonymous wrote "patients" instead of "patience"!
The creator of a riddle methinks ....

Sarah xx said...

Jeez Anonymous,
this is my light hearted wafflings about a guy I really like! At this rate I will need a scuba diving kit to swim back to the surface of my own blog you are getting so 'deep'!
And my acorn is absolutely fine thank you - it's taken me years to get this way and I like me!!

Anonymous said...

To be deep is like the sun, essential for growth.

Emma said...

That layout is very clever, love the bit that makes it look like u are all in the tent!

debby4000 said...

Love your fabulous layout Sarah and love all the details.
Is it me but your anonymous stalker is a bit odd!

A relative of Sarah's said...

The sun might be esaantial for growth, but there is nothing deep about the sun. The ocean maybe ....