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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Parlez Man-glais???

Understand/speak men that is!
I don't. Never have. Not sure I ever will!
They really do speak a different language to us girls don't they!!!!

While it has been a very strange long hard week for some I have basked in the gloriously delicious saucy flirtations of the hottie in a little bubble all of my own. Well, actually I thought we were in it together which was rather nice! It has been really rather intense and awesome and has made me feel things that I probably haven't felt for a year or two now! I swear that yesterday I was getting to the stage that if he had leant over me or brushed against me once more then I was actually going to lick him!!!

So why is it I now feel slightly deflated after he left this evening?
Aside from the fact that I won't get to see him for a while due to my night shifts next week, the last text he sent me was in a quite different tone to the those of this week and he apologised for being "Off colour"! 
Apart from a little blue, as in blue movie, I thought he was in spectacularly fine form and anything but off!!??? Maybe I had missed something? But there we have it you see. Apart from the obvious possible misinterpretations of tone from a text message,  and my typical woman's prerogative of reading far too much into absolutely everything, men really do seem to be on a different planet!

I don't know?  I think I'm just going to have another beer!!!


Fiona said...

Surely you haven't just discovered this Sarah? I'm quite glad I'm now 'invisible' to men (apparently this happens when you reach 46) so I don't have to deal with any of that crap any more. Life is much simpler, although someone to put shelves up and fix my car would be handy! lol.

Sarah xx said...

Ha ha, no Fiona, but have been out of the game for a long time and had kinda forgotten!!

Fiona said...

BTW, I pinched one of your nice photo's for my blog, hope that's ok ?
Did I sound like a bitter old spinster above, I'm not really.

Sarah xx said...

ha ha - no, and you are very welcome! x
Wonder what old anonymous thinks about it all???

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are over reacting, maybe you need to take a big sigh, maybe you have misjudged the situation, maybe he is playing hard to get, maybe you can't see the wood from the trees, maybe he does not feel the same way as you? Maybe is the thought of the day?!

Sarah xx said...

Cheerful as ever Anonymous? Maybe I am over reacting? Maybe its because I am a girl and its how we think? Maybe he should behave differently if he doesn't feel the same as me??! I don't know Anonymous, but 'maybe'??? xx

Lean said...

sweeeeeet your barney's page so sweet and a cool picture..