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Friday, 12 August 2011

Food for thought!

Hello Campers, its been a funny old week hasn't it, what with the riots and looting and interesting conversations with people I know, I have had a lot to think about!

Amongst all the hideousness and violence there seems to have also been lots of love and caring.
This has been amongst people I know, colleagues and complete strangers - its been very heartwarming! 
I loved how people came together and helped clean up after the looting. 
I loved the goodwill messages and keep safe comments from my friends and colleagues on the front line! 
Even the hottie at work who was a bit distant for a few weeks seems to have had a tlc injection which he has been sharing with me - love it!!

So, what's next?
About twenty days in a row at work for me  - a week of night duty and no days off for a while! It's gonna be a long weary slog and the hottie is going on holiday so no frolics to lighten my day and make me smile either 
I will be back with some LO's to share and will try to find some stories along the way - will also share some more of these pics
See you on the other side


Fiona said...

Thought about you and Rubina this week being in the thick of it, glad to hear you are ok.

debby4000 said...

Glad to hear you OK and the long run at work goes quickly.
love the layout and the setup photo with the chipboard.